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Billing and Collections

Our practice realized a 13% increase in net collections after switching billing services from a national billing company to PSA.
– Athens, GA

After switching our billing services to PSA, a revenue analysis was conducted which uncovered $200,000 in underpaid claims from one of our largest payers. PSA has diligently worked with our practice and the payer to insure we are reimbursed for these claims.

- Dalton, GA

Our prior billing service provided quarterly reports but not much else. Now with PSA our collection rates exceed  95%  and PSA’s monthly reports are very helpful in identifying which practices are doing well for us and where our referrals are coming from, as well as what reimbursement we are receiving. PSA has very good software, and a conscientious group of employees that do this job with the idea that they’re working for you.
– Raleigh, NC

While performing our billing in-house we experienced several problems such as poor reimbursement due to incorrect coding and inadequate cash flow due to inefficient filing procedures. However, after outsourcing our billing to PSA we have experienced a 50% increase in net collections and our pathologists are better educated on correct coding procedures to ensure proper reimbursement.
– McComb, MS

Our practice greatly enjoyed working with the PSA's implementation team after changing from our previous billing service to PSA.  The transition between billing agents lived up to PSA's promise of ensuring us a process that was simple, seamless, and that required little effort on our part. PSA certainly exceeded our expectations.

- Alabaster, AL.

With their financial focus and diligence, PSA is the best possible partner for our billing, collections and accounts receivable management.  Along with the strong industry relationships they bring, our association with PSA is the best single business decision we have made.
– Denver, CO

Patients have enjoyed greater clarity in billing through the use of PSA’s services. Patients don’t understand what a pathology bill might be about. We wanted a service that showed exactly what we did. When they still don’t understand, PSA provides phone consultations to say “you had a tissue removed, a pathologist examined it under a microscope, this is standard procedure".
- Charleston, SC

Knowing PSA, looking at their operations and talking to their people, PSA’s  biggest selling point is their staff. They are honest, do their job with heart and mind,  and they take collecting our money personally. PSA picks the right people in their organization to do the best job they can for our practice. 
-  Charlottesville, VA

Our pathology group recently switched to Pathology Service Associates, LLC for our billing services.  Since the conversion to PSA, I have not had to worry about receiving appropriate payment for our professional services, which has significantly improved my quality of life and the management of our pathology practice.

Our group was concerned about a dramatic slowdown in our cash flow during the change from one billing service to another. The courteous, competent and professional staff of PSA made the transition seamless and painless.
- Sioux City, IA

I'm not sure where we’d be without PSA’s help. They have helped us to remain financially viable. When they notice something is happening, they call us. They say, have you checked on this? I feel like they are fighting to get the money in for us. On a personal level they are very happy, pleasant people to work with. It’s almost been a family relationship.

 Billing had become too complex for the “very small” in-house group that had been doing it for our practice. Before joining with PSA, our outpatients would receive two bills, one from the hospital for technical charges and one from the pathologists for professional charges. PSA worked with the hospital to setup a global bill so the patient would receive only one.

PSA provides the group credibility in working with the hospital administration and finance department. They can talk financial jargon with the financial people at the hospital and back it up with credible financial data.  
– Salt Lake City, UT  

PSA provides state-of-the-art billing services, including sophisticated reports to track client usage of the practice, sources of revenue for various activities in the practice, insurance payment information, and other volume and financial data essential for management of a pathology group.
– Charleston, SC

The only thing I regret is that our group did not take advantage of PSA's offer to do an audit of our practice two years ago at no cost and with no obligation to use PSA. If the audit had been done two years ago, our practice would have saved thousands of dollars and many hours of sleep and worry.

– Sioux City, IA


PSA brought to our attention the need for a marketing representative.  We were very impressed with the hiring, training, and support provided by PSA. Our practice as well as our referring physicians have found our marketing representative to be a necessity in keeping a viable and successful relationship.
- Charlottesville, VA

PSA has provided an effective multilevel strategy for our practice to get on top of the business of pathology.  By directing us through the key components of sales and marketing, we are enjoying powerful outcomes.
-  Denver, CO

We utilized PSA’s market analysis program (MAP) to determine we had about 35% of the market, and to figure out who sent tests and who didn’t, and what they liked and didn’t like about our group’s services. That MAP was very instrumental in being able to setup a plan to hire a hematopathologist and two dermatopathologists after seeing the results.

PSA also screened more than 150 applicants for the newly created position of practice manager at UPS and helped the group interview the four finalists for the position. They had the expertise on what to look for in a salesman. 
– Salt Lake City, UT

Business Support Services

PSA’s ultimate goal is the preservation of the private practice of pathology. Anything PSA can do to promote the specialty and ensure its viability they will. PSA has helped impress upon us the importance of infrastructure in practice viability. To be competitive with the commercial labs, we need to not only have an excellent professional product, we also need to follow best business practices and be compliant in coding and all compliance issues. PSA’s services have assisted us in meeting these goals.
– Columbia, SC

The relationship that PSA has with its clients ensures that pathology practices have appropriate input into solving day to day business problems and that the services we receive from PSA have substantial value at a bargain price.  Our participation in PSA has been among the most successful business developments in our practice in the last 20 years.

– Charleston, SC  

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