Practice Marketing Support

PSA’s Practice Marketing Support programs assist clients seeking to gain a competitive advantage within their markets.

Client Services and Business Development Program

A Marketing Representative is crucial to the growth and competitive success of an independent pathology practice and clinical laboratory. Through the PSA Client Services and Business Development program, PSA assists clients by:

  • Searching for and selecting qualified candidates for interview
  • Supporting the practice hire process
  • Implementing practice specific training for the position
  • Providing ongoing resources and support
  • Recognizing marketing efforts through performance-based analysis and reporting

The PSA Client Services and Business Development Program provides marketing representatives from affiliated clients with the resources necessary to:

  • Gain new business
  • Maintain existing business
  • Market the individual practice/lab
  • Improve communication between the pathology practice, laboratory, and referring physician
  • Promote quality service

Market Analysis Program (MAP™)

The PSA Market Analysis Program is designed to assist clients in the assessment of market potential and to project opportunity for future growth. The data collected through this analysis is compiled into a strategic marketing and sales plan. This plan will support the clients in maintaining and expanding their client base by identifying:

  • Who are your current and prospective clients?
  • What are the expectations of current and prospective clients?
  • Why are physician practices referring to the competitor?
  • Where are the physician practices located?
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